Teacher education is that knowledge, understanding, competency, skill and other abilities, which are relevant to the life of a “teacher as a teacher”. Teacher education is a programme (course for professional development of human resources to undertake teaching, research, extension and consultancy as teachers and teacher educators in teaching-learning institutions like schools, colleges and universities.
Primary teacher education is a teacher devoted his whole life to learning and teaching. The teacher was constantly under observation and was expected to participate at any time in open assemblies and explain, expound and expand on ancient knowledge in the light of his own experiences. Thought there was no life ling examination (Devi-1968). It was important that he established his credibility as students flocked only to reputed teachers. Knowledge communication skills and moral integrity were the basic requirement of a good teacher.

Institution Objectives:
- to receive his/her role as on agent of social change in the community
- t perceive his/her role not only as a leader of the children but also that of guide to the community.
- To possess warm and positive attitude towards growing children and their academic, social, emotional and personal problems and skills to guide and counsel them.
- To develop on under standing of the objectives of school education in the Indian contest and awareness of the role of school in achieving the goals of building up a democratic, secular and socialist society.
- To develop understandings, interests, attitudes and skills, which would enable student them to foster all-round growth and development of the children under his/her care.