“Knowledge is life, Ignorance is death.”

Hirekerur taluk is situated on the bank of Tungabadra river, Sarvagna a renowned person in kannada liteature who has composed innumerable triplets which appealed the hearts of layman. Sarvagna hails from our area. Hirekerur is a taluka head quarter surrounded by 124 villages,mainly depending on monsoon based agriculture, economically, socially is backward.

We feel very much proud in introducing The Hirekerur Taluka Vidyavardhaka Souharda Sahakari Limited, Hirekerur District Haveri. Which is educationally, industrially, economically backward area in the district. Our taluk is no exception to remote place existing, nearly forty kilometers away from the national highway and railway station at Ranebennur. There were no good roads to reach Hirekerur. Even today there are many remote villages in the taluk. Agriculture is the main occupation and it depends upon Monsoon. The only river Kumadwati runs in our taluk is not efficiently utilized for irrigation.
The First Grade College at Haunsbhavi, is 20 km away from Hirekerur. It was too far away for the rural youth of the surrounding villages. Later Govt. First Grade college was established in Hirekerur during 1982. But had poor infrastructure facilities and lacking in good academic activities.

To impart much needed higher education in this southern part of Haveri district under the banner of Hirekerur Taluka Vidyavardhaka Souharda Sahakari Limited, by the effort, farsightedness and inspiration of our educationis and a creative secretary Sri S.S .Patil. B.R.Tambakad Arts and Commerce First Grade College started during the year 1992. Due to his work and initiation our college has transformed into fully computerized with modern infrstructure facilities. Because of his efforts B.Sc. courcse has started in our college during the year 2005-06.